Following the 300th Anniversary of the founding of Jamestowne on May 13, 1907, it was felt that the importance of the Colonial Cavaliers should be memorialized by the creation of a hereditary society. Mr. C. W. de Lyon Nicholls established the Order of Scions of Colonial Cavaliers in the latter part of 1908. The purposes were to study and record the great contributions of the Cavaliers in forming the Anglo-Saxon character of America and to honor their memory by erecting appropriate memorials.


After a number of years the Order fell into abeyance. At the suggestion of John Griffin Richardson Rountree, efforts were initiated for its reconstitution. The official organizational meeting took place on October 9, 1999 at the Army and Navy Club in Washington, D. C. The first directors of the Order of Scions of Colonial Cavaliers 1640-1660 were Neal Holland Duncan, Charles Owen Johnson, Hardwick Smith Johnson, Jr., Henry Clinton Mackall and John Griffin Richardson Rountree.  Charles Owen Johnson was selected to serve as the first Governor of the re-chartered Order. Not long after this, the Dames of Colonial Cavaliers was founded and enjoyed several years of prolific activity, as a separate entity from the Scions.  Both groups met together annually in Virginia (save one year) and were collaborative on numerous fronts.


In 2007, under the inspiration and direction of past Governor General (of the Dames), DeEtte DuPree Nesbitt , an effort was pioneered to create an Order comprised of both the Scions and Dames.  With careful deliberation and strenuous efforts, this undertaking was accomplished and the Order of the Descendants of Colonial Cavaliers was born.